Madame Caramel

Hello all – my name is Madame Caramel. No – it’s not my stripper name… although I did first receive this nickname in a strip club. The girl on the pole was boring so I climbed on stage to show the audience how it was done. To be fair, I was quite drunk at that stage. Either way, the name stuck and now even my friends call me Madame Caramel, and as a London escort it’s great too. How did the person even come up with it? Must have been my caramel-coloured hair. It’s brought me great fortune in life (as you will come to realise from my posts on the website).

I just love booking hot and steamy London escorts and my tales on this website will focus on some of the best times I’ve had with these lovely ladies (and some friends and boyfriends). Read all of my stories – you will be encouraged to broaden your horizons and finally book an unimaginably hot London escort to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. I’m hoping that my stories will open your eyes to the fun that is to be had with these intoxicatingly exotic babes, sometimes we have ultra hot fun and so you can just imagine what we get up to…. I’ve categorised them by type to make it easier. What are you waiting for? Go ahead!

So have a good read through my pages and enjoy your time with these amazing London escorts!

See you in the club!

Madame Caramel

            x o x o