Redheads are like fire… between my legs!

Fiery redheads have always been a fetish of mine. I went through a phase when I made my hair as red as I could. I just loved the vibrancy it afforded me. The problem with doing it yourself, though, was that it faded over time. This is something that doesn’t happen to a natural redhead which is why I’ve always loved time spent with naturally red-haired girls. Even though redheads aren’t as common as blondes or brunettes, you will find a nice selection of hot, spicy redheads as London escorts just waiting to set your night on fire!

Redheads are perfect for a night out clubbing and dancing. Their red hair makes them look even wilder than they are, turning their dancing into hot, wild exotic displays worthy of an audience. Many people have asked me whether redhead girls have red hair down there too… the truth is that I have no idea. The girls I’ve been with have always been cleanly shaven so it’s never even crossed my mind. There are too many other sensual details to worry about!

I you want to stand out at a formal even like a business conference or a wedding, grab a fiery London escort to accompany you. Her bright red hair will be in stark contrast to the black attire (in the event if a business conference) and beautifully compliment her attire at a wedding. You will be one of the couples that stand out the most (in a good way) and you will ensure your attendance would never be forgotten.

I booked a sexy redhead London escort once to accompany me to a friend’s wedding a year or two ago. She wore a snow white dress (not in an effort to upstage the bride: guests were asked to wear white) and with her bright red hair, she stole the show without even trying. I had a number of guys asking me for her number and in all cases I simply responded with: “she’s with me!” It was deeply satisfying. Once we all headed to the reception, she pulled me behind the white draping, went down onto her knees and stuck her head under my dress. I wasn’t wearing any panties so she dove right in, flicking her tongue around my swollen lips until I came hard, steadying myself on a tree nearby as I trembled with lust.

Natural redheads aren’t always around so take the plunge now and decide on a date that you will remember for the rest of your life. The only way you’ll do this is by booking a hot redhead London escort that will ignite your flame and propel you into an unforgettable experience.