Two sexy escorts are better than one

When I first realised the concept of duo escorts I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The premise was so simple and yet I had never even considered it myself. Due escorting is booking two vivaciously hot London escorts at once. They both accompany you on your date which usually results in double the fun! Blonde girl? Brunette maybe? Do you prefer girls with big tits? Either way, you simply select any two girls of your choosing and you’re ready to go!

Taking two girls out on the town is even more fun than you may realise. Arrive at the door with them dressed in short skirts and cleavage-showing shirts and the bouncer will usher your trio right in. The clubs thrive on appearance and what’s hotter and trendier than a guy (or a girl!) and a pair of red-hot girls hanging on them? Once you’re in the club, be sure to dance the night away with your duo of girls, lapping up the attention you’ll be getting from envious guys and girls alike. All they’ll be thinking is what fun you’ll be having once you leave the club…

Put a different spin on a formal event by attending it with a plus-two instead. They will either love you or hate you but either way, you’ll be having loads of fun with two sexy London escorts by your side.

Talking about duo (or in this case, trio), I once had a shamefully slutty experience but one I will never forget or change for the world. I hooked up with three guys at the club and brought all three of them home with me. I had always wanted to be in a foursome with three guys so this seemed like the ideal time. Within no time we were all naked and I was surrounded by three guys, totally naked standing with large, rock-hard cocks. Instead of taking turns, I asked them to do me at once. They all obliged and within another few minutes I had a guy in my pussy, one in my ass and another cock down my throat. They all loved it and with good planning, they all climaxed at the same time, filling me with their hot cum from all ends. It was delicious!

So why wait to experience new things? A duo escort date may be exactly what you are after to release you from the daily grind. A couple of babes fulfilling your every need as they accompany you, one on each arm, to any event you have in mind. Book your due London escorts now for double the trouble.